Registration Form and Preliminary Survey

Savonia University of Applied Sciences´ Future Food Unit and University of Eastern Finland conduct a consumer research for Food Valley ( Consumer research provides useful information for the product development process, marketing, commercialization, and other areas in business development.

This questionnaire will only take you 3 minutes.

All the data you might give us will stay confidential, will not be disclosed to third parties, and will only be used by Savonia UAS and University of Eastern Finland. You can find more information about privacy policies in the end of this survey.

In this preliminary survey we will ask you:
- to choose the date and time you want to participate,
- some personal information,
- some health information,
- some of your eating habits.

1. Which day do you want to participate? This question is mandatory

4. Which country are you from? This question is mandatory

5. How old are you? This question is mandatory

6. What is your gender? This question is mandatory

7. Are you pregnant or breast-feeding? This question is mandatory

8. What is your socio-economical status? This question is mandatory

9. Which field do you study in? This question is mandatory

10. Do you smoke or use nicotine products? This question is mandatory

11. Do you have any food ingredient allergies? This question is mandatory

12. Please list your food ingredients allergies. This question is mandatory

13. Are you following any special diet? This question is mandatory

Please select minimum 1 options
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14. How often do you consume berries (strawberry, raspberry, cranberry...)? This question is mandatory

15. Do you look at a product´s nutritional information before buying it? This question is mandatory

16. What are the most important choosing factors when you buy a product ? This question is mandatory

You can select from 1 up to 3 options
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17. Contact information


1. Register administrator
Company/Organization: University of Eastern Finland
Address: Yliopistonranta 1, 70200 Kuopio, Finland
Phone: +358 17 162 131 (info)
Company/Organization: Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Future Food Research and Development Unit
Address: P.O. Box 6 (Microkatu 1), 70201 Kuopio, Finland
Phone: +358 44 785 6929

2. Contact person of the register
Name and email address:
Researcher Kati Väkeväinen,
RDI Expert Johanna Kantala,

3. Name of the register
Participant register of frozen plant-based berry products.

4. Purpose of processing personal information
Maintenance of the register of participants and communication with participants of sensory evaluation of frozen plant-based berry products.

5. Content of the register
Name, address, phone number, email and date of birth of the participants in this study.

6. Regular sources of information
Participants manually submit information via email, Webropol-system, EyeQuestion-software or written consent of participation.

7. Disclosure of information
Information will not be disclosed to third parties. Information will be only used for purpose mentioned in item 4.

8. Data transfer
Data will not be transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

9. Principles of registry security
Servers are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The servers are in locked and guarded space.