Application form / Autumn 2018

Day@Work offers international students in higher education the possibility to visit local companies of the Turku region for one day. During the day you get to know how the Finnish work culture is and form contacts that may help you in the future. Depending on the company's wishes you may also share your study-specific expertise and valuable cultural know-how. The idea behind this kind of "job-shadowing" is for the student to gain comprehensive knowledge about what an employee who holds a particulal job does during a work day. The Day@Work will be organised during November and early December 2018.

The matchmaking process between applicants and companies is performed by the University of Turku and the Turku Chamber of Commerce. Afterwards the students will receive a diploma of their participation in exchange for a report in which the experience is discussed.

- Application deadline for students: October 19th
- Students selected for Day@Work by October 26th
- Final matchmaking and possible get-together with attending companies on week 44
- Day@Work to be organized during weeks 45-50 (November 5th - December 14th) depending on the students' and companies' availability

If you are interested in participating in the Day@Work please fill the form to apply. If there are more applicants than there is "room" in companies, we will choose the students based on their applications and the companies' wishes.

PS. Remember that altough we bring the student and the company together, the rest is up to you! The day at work can just as well be a week at work. Being initiative usually pays off!

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