Questionnaire on futures of tourism
in the Baltic Sea region in 2030
In the following we present six statements about possible futures of coastal and maritime tourism in the Baltic Sea region in 2030. The statements are based on the vision and strategic action fields of Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda for the Baltic Sea region.

Please evaluate the level of probability and desirability of each statement freely from your own perspective. Also nominate some drivers that could support and barriers that could hinder the stated development according to your opinion.

The questionnaire is designed for the 10th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum. We welcome everyone interested in the futures of the Baltic Sea region to share their views. The responses will be collected and categorised for a second round which will take place at the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum 2–3 November in Turku.

The organisers of the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum have commissioned the questionnaire. The results will be utilised in future Baltic Sea Tourism Forums and other development projects. The questionnaire is made by Finland Futures Research Centre.

Please remember to submit your responses on page 7. You can also save the questionnaire and continue later.
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