No Labels No Walls

Questionnaire 2

Thanks so much for participating in the second No Labels, No Walls meeting on 21.3.2019 and being a part of our expanding network. It was so great to learn more about what we all believe and how much we have in common! We are so excited for this movement to continue and to start planning our shared festival project together. 

The next meeting will be held at Kukunori (Malmin raitti 17 b 3. floor) on May 28th 5pm - 7pm. We will be going over the condensed list of the “7 beliefs and 7 needs to collaborate successfully” with the group and start to plan our festival project. We will also talk about the festival dates and possible locations that the event will be held.This is the link for the Zoom meeting online on 28.5.2019

Please send your organization logo to Kukunori ( so we can include it in the No Labels, No Walls web page.

Like we mentioned to everyone there are few simple things we ask you to do before the next meeting.

Those things are as follows:

a) Look up one other organization that you don’t know anything about and contact them either by email, phone or posting something on the No Labels, No Walls Facebook page.  Here is the list of members with their websites, emails and description of work. Feel free to add, update or change your description as this is a shared file.

b) Post at least one event, thought, or anything at all on the No Labels, No Walls Facebook page so we can get to know what you’re thinking, doing and start to support your work. 

c) Complete this questionnaire. This questionnaire not only keeps your voice being heard in the meetings but also includes a way for you to sign up to be a part of the sub group that will condense our shared beliefs and needs to collaborate that we worked on in the last meeting. This sub group will meet via the internet and be on May 13 th 5pm Finnish and 7am Pacific time. This will be presented to the rest of the group on May 28th.

This is the link for the sub group meeting on 13.5.2019.

d) This one is optional which is to spread the word of the group through your contacts so for next meeting have more organizations and individuals participating. 

We look forward to hearing and seeing you all soon as we continue to create this movement of a world without labels and walls! 

Kukunori is a Finnish citizenship and human rights organization which works with culture, mental health, prisons, disability and citizenship. Kukunori is an umbrella organization of 33 Finnish NGO's and social companies and co-ordinates our No Labels No Walls network. Propellipäät (Propellerheads) is a Kukunori -project which aims at increasing capabilities and opportunities for NGO collaboration through service and change design, experiments and creative methods. Propellipäät -project offers the support for our network.

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