Survey Stope Design

Dear participant,

This questionnaire is related to the "Geophysical and Geochemical Methods for Stope Design" - project (GAGS) an international research project in cooperation between Aalto University (Finland), TU Delft (Netherlands), University of A Coruña (Spain) and University of Vigo (Spain). The purpose of the GAGS-project is to develop and implement novel geophysical and geochemical methods into the stope designing process. This will allow for improved stope design, increasing the reliability of stability predictions and decreasing dilution, by making more geotechnical data available.

In order to adequately address the mining industry´s needs by means of research, it is necessary to assess the current state-of-the-art process applied for designing stopes and the challenges it is currently facing.

This questionnaire is aiming to identify the most urgent challenges related to optimizing stope design. Thus, by answering this questionnaire you will actively help to improve the challenging process of designing stopes.

Your answers will be treated confidentially, and results from the questionnaire will be analyzed and evaluated in an anonymized form only.

The results will then be published in an aggregated and anonymized form as part of a master thesis at Aalto University and implemented in the advancements of the GAGS project. With your participation you will actively help guide mining science.

The survey is quite short and will only take 8 to 12 minutes to be answered.

Thank you very much for your participation and active help!