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Registration for the parallel afternoon break out sessions:
- 1:1 Discussions with senior leaders of MSD’s European and Finnish organization
- Career Opportunities
- Science and Business

Please note that it is possible to choose several sessions and the organizers will try to accomodate your wishes.

Deadline for 1:1 discussion registration is 5th of November! But for other sessions and introductory lectures you can register until 23rd of November.

1:1 Discussions
Yes, I want to have 1:1 discussion with MSD senior leaders. 
You can choose more than one of the topics listed below, and the organizers will contact you to arrange the discussion with MSD.
Please describe your research idea briefly in the open text box.

Here you can find more information about the MSD´s interest areas.
  • Oncology
    • With its strong focus to immuno-oncology, MSD is Transforming the way cancer is being treated, today and in the future.
  • Vaccines
    • Vaccines have profoundly changed our lives over the last century. MSD is globally one of the biggest innovators and producers in the vaccines field. Opportunities within the field of vaccines are many, including: more effective and less invasive delivery methods, adjuvants improving immunogenicity, new kinds of vaccines, like RNA vaccines, new areas for vaccinations like cancer, auto-immune diseases and therapeutic vaccines, and innovations improving uptake of vaccines.
  • Diabetes & cardiovascular diseases
    • MSD is market leader in the field of T2DM offering portfolio of innovative medicines for Finnish patients. MSD is partnering with different stakeholders to find innovative solutions in developing the T2DM treatment in Finland. MSD has long heritage and strong track record in bringing new revolutional treatments for cardiovascular disease patients. Today highest focus is on improving the anticoagulation treatment of artrial fibrallation patients.
  • Immunology & infectious diseases
    • MSD’s investment on immunology has brought innovative treatments to rheuma and gastroenterology, to improve the quality of life of the patients.
    • MSD is committed to fight against severe infections and global epidemics with innovative medicines, using the latest scientific data.
  • Health Tech and Digital
    • MSD always puts patients first. Do you have what it takes to help us deliver on that through digital, health tech, diagnostics etc.. solutions? Come a discuss with our international leaders in 1:1 meetings or meet us at the exhibit booth.

Career opportunities
MSD provides a wide range of opportunities for professionals with diverse backgrounds and education who are dedicated to working for improving the lives of patients.
MSD invents and develops innovative pharmaceuticals and brings them to those who need them most. At MSD, the ideas, talent and experience of our professional workforce will help the lives of many, regardless of function and job title.
Come and learn what kind of skills set MSD is looking for!

Science & Business
Science & Business break out session is a "mini fair" where you can come to learn more about MSD and discuss also about your preliminary ideas. You are welcome even if you feel that you do not yet have enough material for 1:1 discussion.

IMPORTANT! Please note that all the discussions and data presented in 1:1 sessions must be non-confidential! If you are uncertain what this means, please contact the innovation services at your own university/organization.
Make sure that also your supervisor/professor/group leader knows if you are planning to present your data and/or ideas.