Nature, culture and learning as tourism resources

The University of Turku is developing tourism related to nature, culture and scientific research. This survey examines tourists' preferences and interests regarding these themes. The survey is funded by the Turku University Foundation. The results will benefit academic research and tourism development on the Seili Island. You can, however, fill in the questionnaire even if you have never visited Seili Island. Answering takes about 15 minutes.
All survey responses are confidential and individual responses cannot be identified. For more information, contact researchers Juulia Räikkönen ( and Miia Grénman ( Among all respondents, we will draw a two-way journey (Turku–Seili/Nauvo) on M/S Fanny for four persons (worth 144 €).

What fascinates in nature-based and cultural tourism?

1. How important are the following tourist motives for you?
Scale 1=totally insignificant, 2=insignificant, 3=neutral, 4=important, 5=very important

I want to improve my knowledge of nature and/or culture
I want to challenge myself
I enjoy observing flora and fauna
I want to experience new and different things
I want to experience excitement
I want to develop my skills and abilities
I want to learn more about nature and/or culture
I want to get refreshed
I want to study nature and/or culture
I seek adventure
I want to enjoy the scenery, landscape and moods of nature
I want to keep physically active
I want to gain social recognition
I want to be with my family
I want to understand nature and/or culture better
I want to experience tranquility
I want to get away from daily routines
I want to be with friends
I get exited of new challenges
I want to make good impression on others
I want to obtain a feeling of harmony with nature
I seek rest and relaxation
I want to be with people with similar interests
I want to be close to nature
I want to exercise in nature
I want to experience peace and quiet in nature