Finnish Sailing League 2019 - Registration

The registration will be closed, when 24 clubs have entered for the semifinals. For the the Youth Qualifier a maximum of 12 teams can enter.
For the semifinals, clubs may enter a second team if 24 unique clubs have not been registered. These second teams are based upon when the club registered. First club to register is the first that may enter a second team. Teams wishing to enter a second team shall mention so in their entry form.
The entries received after the closing of the registration will form a waiting list for teams wishing to enter a second team.
The OA may issue wildcards.
Entry Fee - The Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation will bill the club a non-refundable entry fee of 750 € for the semifinals, which shall be paid by 30.4 2019. The Youth event will be 500€. To be paid by 1.4.2019 The final event is 750€ to be paid by 1.10.2019.

1. Registration for Sailing League event

If less than six (6) teams have entered by 15.3.2019, Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation reserves the right to / may cancel the Youth Event

2. We request to enter a second team to Semifinals

3. Team contact