Visitor Survey

We are updating the Golder World exhibition. We want to hear what our visitors think about what they would like to see and experience in the upcoming exhibition. Your feedback helps us plan and realise the new exhibition. All the replies and summaries derived from this questionnaire will be handled anonymously. Filling the questionnaire takes about 5 minutes.

1. Your age

2. Gender

3. Why did you choose to visit Tankavaara Gold Prospector Museum?

4. When have you visited the museum?

5. Have you visited other gold museums? Where? What was best there?

6. What would you tell your friends about the Golden World -exhibition?

7. How did you like the facilities and the mood in the Golden World -exhibition?

8. What expectations did you have about the exhibition? Were your expectations met?

9. Would you have liked to learn more about some specific country? What would you have liked to see more?

10. Should some country be removed from the exhibition? Why?

11. Below are statements about the Golded World -exhibition. Tick the box if you agree.

12. What would be the best way of providing guidance in the museum? Tick the boxes that apply.

At the beginning of the exhibition
At each exhibit
Not necessary
Guide staff.
Information on touch screen displays.
Information on printed boards.
Guidance available on my own mobile device.
In some other ways, how?

13. If you are interested in the environmental issues, do you feel these issues are covered in the exhibition sufficiently.

14. What types of activities would be suited for Golden World -exhibition? Tick the boxes that apply, and tell us where would you see them as useful or fun?

15. Pricing

16. If you have any other feedback to give us, we would love to hear it! Feel free to write it below.