Quality Assurance Framework for Mobile Apps for Health

Why should I complete this Quality Assurance Framework?
Thank you for agreeing to complete this test version of the Quality Assurance Framework for Mobile Apps for Health and Care Professionals in Scotland. The Scottish Government eHealth Division  is supporting the development and testing of this Framework. The intention is that the final version will become a national standard which any app should comply with to be recognised as safe and appropriate for the context of Scotland’s health and care.

By completing this Framework you will :
  • Provide evidence that your app is safe and appropriate to use in health and care in Scotland.
  • Show that your app qualifies for access through the new Mobile App Delivery Platform under development for health and care professionals - "The Right Decision".
  • Help us to optimise this Framework so that it is fully fit for purpose, and is as straightforward as possible for providers of mobile apps to complete in future. 
How do I complete the Framework?
Please complete this online self-assessment form and upload the documentary evidence required. You should complete the self-assessment in conjunction with reading the fulltext of the Framework and the accompanying Guidance Notes.
How can I get help and support in completing this Framework?
The Scottish Government eHealth Division has created a Quality Assurance Panel to oversee the testing of this Framework. The Panel includes specialists in the various aspects of the Framework who will provide advice as required. To put a question to the Panel, please contact Dr Ann Wales (ann.wales@gov.scot), Programme Manager for Knowledge and Decision Support, who will forward your question to the appropriate Panel member. 
How do I provide feedback on the test version of this Framework?
Your feedback is really important to us in this testing phase, so we will really value your thoughts and comments. A set of feedback questions is provided at the end of each section of the Framework. You are also welcome to provide additional feedback direct to ann.wales@gov.scot