WP5 – survey among downstream providers of (embedded) climate services

This survey is conducted as part of the EU-MACS project. EU-MACS is a project funded by the European Commission. The project’s purpose is to analyse how the supply of and demand for climate services* can be better matched. Climate services can be summarized as: the transformation of climate related data – often together with other relevant information -  into customized information products, offered as such or embedded in consultancy and/or education [condensed version of European Roadmap definition]

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The operational environment of the organisaation

1. Status of the organisation:

2. What main types of services is your organisation providing?

3. How many employees does your organisation have?

4. Number of locations of the organisation?

5. What are key cooperating (public / private / not-for-profit) organisations for your organisation (with respect to risk management and climate change)?

6. What is / are typical planning horizon(s) related to the service products of your organisation?