U2 ZeroCarbon Initiative

Would you like to join in with your research expertise to the cooperation between Finnish industries and research institutions, addressing global environmental challenges through sustainable business and consumption?

The collaboration aims to affect the readiness to react to the threats caused by climate change and the scarcity of natural resources, and to improve the capacity to capitalize on business opportunities deriving from research and innovation cooperation. Research-based knowledge and collaboration are used to encourage companies and organizations to move towards carbon neutral and ecological courses of action.

You can read more about the U2 ZeroCarbon Initiative and about the goals for the cooperation here. Please find also the U2 ZeroCarbon Launch Event Invitation and event programs from the U2 ZeroCarbon webpages.

This questionnaire gathers information on UTU researchers, who are interested in the above-mentioned cooperation. The information on the research expertise and the areas of interest will be utilized when organizing and facilitating an event/workshop on 16.5.2018 and for creating U2 ZeroCarbon Network.

The U2 ZeroCarbon Network joins researchers and public sector organizations, initiates substantial research and development projects (STN, Business Finland), organizes events to develop research and innovation activities and promotes research and innovation expertise in Turku region.

It’s not mandatory to answer the questionnaire in order to participate in the U2 ZeroCarbon Launch Events.

Background information:


   Describe briefly your research expertise area and interests.

3. How would you be able to and would like to participate in the U2 ZeroCarbon activities? (The goals of the initiative were mentioned earlier in the questionnaire.) If you already have a relevant research topic and a research plan, you can describe the topic and plan briefly here.


          Are there any actors who you would like to collaborate with? If the answer is yes, please mention the actors here. (Universities, other researchers, companies etc.)

5. Would you be interested in presenting your research idea and in mapping out opportunities for research and innovation collaboration in the Co-creation and Innovation Event on May 16th 2018?

6. Would you be interested in