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With the Suggest a topic form, you can make proposals for drafting clinical guidelines, care provision guidelines or healthcare method assessments. The service will facilitate the identification of nationally significant healthcare methods, such as medication, equipment, procedures and administrative support systems.

New topics sought in cooperation
Finnish Medical Society Duodecim,
Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea, Nursing Research Foundation Hotus, Choices in Health Care in Finland (COHERE Finland) and the national HTA coordination unit FinCCHTA together with senior medical assessment officers draft the recommendations and carry out the method assessments.
Nursing recommendations are statements made by caregiving experts on research and care alternatives, their applicability and effectiveness.
Nursing Research Foundation Hotus

The assessment on health technologies/healthcare methods (HTA, health technology assessment) provides information on the effects, disadvantages and costs of the methods using internationally accepted methods. The assessment compiles and combines the best available information to support health policy and clinical decisions.
National HTA coordination unit FinCCHTA

Evaluation of the therapeutic and financial value of medicines provides information on the health effects and cost-effectiveness of the medicines assessed versus comparator treatments.
Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea

Current Care Guidelines are independent, evidence-based national clinical practice guidelines. They cover important issues related to Finnish health, medical treatment as well as prevention of diseases.
Finnish Medical Society Duodecim/Current care

Council for Choices in Health Care in Finland COHERE issues recommendations on examinations and diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation to be included in the services financed from public funds in Finland. The aim is to provide the most useful, safe and cost-effective healthcare methods.
Council for Choices in Health Care in Finland COHERE
FinCCHTA maintains the "Suggest a Topic" service and forwards the suggestions. Depending on the subject, the final decision on assessment or recommendation will be made by Duodecim, Fimea, Hotus, COHERE Finland or FinCCHTA. It is not possible to submit proposals anonymously, but the name of the person making the suggestion will not be made public. Contact information is needed for clarifying questions in case the proposal proceeds to the implementation phase Privacy Statement (pdf).

Remember to justify your suggestion carefully so that it can be processed smoothly. If you have questions about filling out the form, please contact