Earma Conference Feedback day 2

1. Wednesday keynotes

Strongly Agree
Strongly disagree
Not applicable /I did not attend
I found the keynote 'Experiences with Research Support in a large Neuroscience Consortium Project' very interesting
I found the keynote 'Getting Ready for the Next Framework Programme (2021 to 2027)' by Sean McCarthy very interesting

5. How did you find the conference presentation formats?

Could be improved
not applicable / I did not attend any
60 minute presentations
30 minute presentations
Pecha Kutchas
Speed Dating (interactive sessions)
Posters PowerPoint session
Posters in the hall

6. Earma communication

Earma webpage
Earma Twitter account
Link magazine
Earma Newsletter
Earma facebook page
Earma LinkedIn
Where do you follow Earma?
Where would you like to follow Earma?
On which of the forums  could you see yourself contributing?

7. What content would you like Earma inform you about? (for example funding news, trainings, networking opportunities, anything..)

8. EARMA is would like to know your opinion about the Thematic groups. Which areas are you particular interested in:

9. Suggest Thematic groups

11. How would you define your current role?

12. Feedback on conference logistics, venue or catering