VET Student Survey 2019

Dear student,

welcome to filling out the VET Student Survey 2019!

This survey is used to collect valuable data on the studies and the life of vocational students all over Finland. We would like to hear your opinion on things that are important in your life. By taking part in this survey you are participating in making the Finnish vocational education the best in the world!

Filling out the survey is optional. If you do not want to participate in the survey, your teacher will give you other tasks to do. If you so wish, you can also interrupt the survey in the middle. Participating or not participating in the survey will not affect your grades, for example.

Enough time has been reserved for the survey, so take your time answering the questions. Read each question carefully and choose the option that best describes your own views. For some questions you can choose several options – there will be a note about this after the question.

Your responses are treated anonymously and with full confidentiality. No direct identifiers, such as names or identity numbers, will be collected at any stage of the study. Once the study has been completed, the original responses will be archived at the Research Foundation for Studies and Education for later use in research. Those who wish to use the archived responses as research data will be required to sign the terms and conditions. An edited version of the material, where any identifiers have been removed, and that has been checked to make sure no participant can be identified, will be released based on the Open Data Principle, so that it can be used for other purposes, e.g. research and development of education. The edited material, where no single participant can be identified, will be available to all on the website after the results have been published.

SuperGiftcards will be drawn among all the respondents (1x€100, 2x€50, 4x€25).

The study is carried out by the National Union of Vocational Students in Finland SAKKI ry and the Research Foundation for Studies and Education OTUS. SAKKI ry, which was founded in 1987, is a lobbying organisation which works to facilitate the everyday lives of vocational students, supervise their interests and secure their future. OTUS is an independent, non-profit foundation which carries out research on students, educational institutions and education policy. OTUS is in charge of receiving and processing the material from the VET Student Survey, and together SAKKI ry and OTUS are in charge of publishing the material for research purposes.

Please answer the questions honestly and let others work in peace. Thank you for your participation!

Kind Regards,
Matti TujulaJukka-Pekka Jänkälä
Advocacy SpecialistResearcher
National Union of Vocational Students in Finland SAKKI ryResearch Foundation for Studies and Education OTUS

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