Organising a supply chain workshop on a specific substitution challenge

This survey is designed to solicit your interests in (co)organising a supply chain workshop on a specific substitution challenge at the national or EU level. The main aim of such supply chain workshops would be to initiate a dialogue among various concerned actors across the supply chain about the actual opportunities and challenges of substitution for specific functionalities. ECHA will then get in contact with you to see how your initiative could be supported.

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Would you be interested in (co)organising a workshop gathering different stakeholders (companies operating at different levels of a particular supply chain or from other sectors, including providers of alternatives to hazardous chemicals, specialised R&D institutions, technical support centres, NGOs, etc.) to exchange on the possible solutions to a specific substitution challenge (e.g. alternatives to chrome VI surface treatment, perfluorinated substances in textile, flame retardant in electronics, etc.)?

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If yes, please indicate which topic (substance, functionality or sector) would be of most interest to you.