Doctoral Seminar at the Asian Studies Days 2018
Thursday, October 18

The seminar is open to all PhD candidates in Finnish Universities whose thesis develops new knowledge about Asia (society, politics, economy, business, culture, history, law). PhD candidates are encouraged to participate either with a research plan or with a full research paper.

The Network will provide free accommodation for one night in a double room and a travel grant  up to 40 euros for PhD candidates who fulfil the following qualifications
- participate in both days of the event
- present a research paper or research plan at the seminar
- is registered in the Network’s members universities (Aalto, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa, Åbo Akademi)
- does not live in the greater Helsinki region. 

PhD candidates from Nordic countries are invited to attend the special sessions on India and sustainable urban development in Asia. Six PhD candidate from other Nordic countries who attend both days of the event and present a paper at the seminar will receive a travel grant up to 100 euros and they will be provided free accommodation for one night in a double room. 

1. Personal Information This question is mandatory

2. I would like to present my paper in the following session

3. Title of my paper

4. Abstract of my paper (max 300 words).
The full paper should be submitted by October 7

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5. I would need accommodation on October 17

6. I would like to apply for a travel grant

Notofication of approval will be sent by September 14.