SELMA: Planning Future Collaborations

1. Your background information

2. What was your main motivation to join SELMA network?

3. To what extent is information shared at SELMA's webpage and FB profile useful for you?

4. What information is missing?

5. What type of information is the most useful for you?

6. Did you use SELMA's network base to learn about the professional profiles of other members?

7. What was the reason?

8. How can we make our news and information more useful for you?

9. If you are based close to SELMA centre (Turku University): How often do you attend SELMA's events?

10. Would you be interested to participate in our events through webinars and online live streaming?

11. Can you state the reason(s)?

12. Would you be interested to join biannual online meeting (SKYPE) with the purpose of sharing the recent work of SELMA's members, information on international conferences, grants and/or brainstorm the ideas for collabortion(s)?

13. Do you have any ideas or suggestions how to improve and upgrade SELMA's work/collaboration?